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Photographer for over ten years. I started studying Anthropology and Geography at the UBA (University of Buenos Aires). Passionate about travel, culture and lifestyles, decided to devote to photography as a way to channel these concerns into the picture. Whenever I enter my own, eager and curious vision. I prioritize the sensitivity of the human sense to achieve a personal aesthetic result.

After three years studying photography I started traveling: Bolivia, Brazil, Argentina and Chile. I worked in photographic productions in Dominican Republic. In 2009 I traveled to California, where I did a photo essay and in 2013 I specialized in the ICP in New York, where I also attended local studios and photographers. I also worked for print, online and advertising agencies in Argentina and Chile.

I work giving much importance to the lighting, which is the key to good photography. So, I manage to face any kind of work with the same concept. I use technical equipment chord and make subsequent digital retouching necessary to achieve the result. Eventually I consolidated my experience in: Food, Travel, Portraits, Documentary & Lifestyle.

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